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Hey there,
I know that I have previously posted about this, but I can't help to remind everyone of how awesome Bicyclette is. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, refer to HERE. I have now been living in Toronto for just over a year and during this time, I have discovered my favourite spots to shop. Each time I visit Bicyclette, I feel as though I am entering a little fairytale. Glitter, gold and a variety a whimsical pieces is what makes this boutique stand out from the rest. An added bonus of visiting this boutique?? the odd celebrity one may encounter. So far I have witnessed both Jessica Biel and Juliette Lewis shopping here.  Be sure to check out this little gem on Queen West in Toronto (can't visit in person? Don't fret, they do online shopping!!)


New Hair

I am thinking of switching up my hair for something a little darker, you know, for the fall. I currently have light brown hair with blonder ends (AKA the ombre look that had spread like wildfire this past season). I know that its a bit played out but I still love it. I love being able to have lighter colours in my hair without the ''streaky" look or having to worry about roots. I love this look. Its slightly warmer for the colder season but still allows me to keep my lighter tips. What do you think?

Beet Cake


What a perfect way to sneak beets into your diet! I love beets and eat them daily as I have low iron, unfortunately, my bf does not share my love of beets. When I came across this recipe on Free People, I was thrilled. Not only does it sound delicious butI now also have a way of serving beets to my bf on the sly :)

Come on fall!

Wilfred Lille PantTalula Kent BlazerWilfred Free Zeno Sweater in Primitive PatternTalula Fleetwood DressWilfred Augustina Blouse in Silk Crepe de ChineJ Brand Pencil Leg
Thick, comfy sweaters, Billowy blouses and the perfect lace dress will complete my fall wish list. I love all of these items from WilfredTalula, and Wilfred Free. I went out and purchased this today. With the change of weather and the fact that this sweater is so comfy, how could I not? One item on my wishlist completed, a few more to go and then I will be all set for Fall. Bring it on!