Hi there :) I have received a few emails from some of you asking me to do a post about myself. Well, I will but I came across this fill-in-the-blank questionnaire online and I thought that I would do this first. Seemed fun enough! I promise, I will do a more thorough post soon! xo

My name is Bryer and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been living here for over a year now but my home town is close to the city, so I have spent time here my whole life
On a typical day off from work/school, the first thing I do is go to yoga, check my emails and meet with friends. On the weekends I go to the hill to snowboard with my pals. I’m usually wearing Hmm, I live in jeans and usually my oversized wool cardigan or a boyfriend blazer I purchased from Aritzia. Top this with a slouchy hat, leopard scarf and my sunglasses and I am set. Its my usual uniform.

My favourite item in my closet My cambridge satchel that Jesse gave me for my bday and My old brown boots! I found these in a western store a few years ago and they have broken in so perfectly that they have become the comfiest/stylish boots. I also love my current elliott boyfriend jeans..My boyfriend makes the best breakfast! He makes it for me usually 6 out of 7 days and it is always some delicious masterpiece. I am spoiled.
If I’m in the mood for some shopping, my favourite stores are: Aritzia, and Bicyclette Last time I went shopping I bought a comfy, cashmere sweater and a silk dress
Shopping can work up an appetite, and the best lunch is a veggie burger from Utopia or a quinoa bowl with veggies from the Urban Herbivore 
I love checking out British Vogue for a little culture and fashion inspiration, and no day is complete without A latte, chat with friends, yoga, a hug from Jesse and a hot shower!
The last movie I saw was Contraband and that was last weekend. It was so good. I suggest you all go and see it. 
A typical night out on the town for me consists of all my girlfriends in one spot with lots of wine!
If I feel like going to a show, the best venue is definitely The modclub, or the opera house. Small enough that you can have a great view regardless of where you stand. The best show I ever saw was The Kills and Tegan and Sara
If I could travel anywhere right now, leave what I am doing and go, it would be New York City and London Eng.
On my iPod right now you’ll find all the kills albums, Oasis, Naked and Famous, Girls, Dragonette, Tegan and Sara and The Beatles
This summer I’ll be In Toronto finishing up school. Maybe New York as a celebratory gift to myself when I finish.
NY or LA: NY!!!
Fashion Icon Alexa Chung, Alison Mosshart, Rachel Bilson. 
I work as a Nurse but sometimes I think I should work in fashion!
Animals are My friends! I love all animals and I do not eat my friends.

Part 2 soon....Back to my studies. I am currently working on a huge paper. Blah.


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Ski in peace.

Upon hearing of her death, I had such a heavy heart and I know so many of you feel the same way. Such a sad story of a beautiful life lost. Sarah was an amazing talent who will never be forgotten. 

Give forward to help cover Sarah's medical costs and expenses for her family and husband here: http://www2.giveforward.com/sarahburke.html

A beautiful tribute to her here.