I really like your blog. I appreciate your wide range of photos. Its a great collection that I read daily!
I appreciate this comment. Have a great day :)
I love all the clothes and the styles that you post on your blog. Is this how you dress?
Thank you and yes, I post pictures of clothing styles that are similar to my own way of dressing. 
A few of your favourite things to wear?
boyfriend fit everything, jeans, tee's and cardigans.
Bon Iver!!!! A great songs to post too! I like that song you posted by the tallest man on earth too, never heard of this band before but I like!
I love Bon Iver. And The Tallest Man on Earth is something new that I just started listening to, my friend got me in to it and I am hooked. The Dreamer is my favourite song by him.
What do you think of stiletto sneakers?
Im not into them personally, but some girls make them look good.
Who is that guy you always post? The one with the longer hair and beard?I can't track him down anywhere, except on your blog. How come you repeatedly post him, not that I blame you, he's a babe lol.
Christian Goran!  He's a Model/Photographer..I always post him because I like his look. Real attractive but not overly put together. 
Scotch & Soda - Ligne Amsterdams Blauw
Hi there. I have been following you since you have first started posting, just over a year ago now. I really enjoy your blog and check it daily. Please don't stop !!!
I won't :)
I see you sometimes cruising around downtown, and in the park once. You are so damn cute. I love your style and hair. Do you ever get approached by your readers?
This msg made me smile huge. Thank you! No, I never get approached but it would be nice to so I can say hello :)
My gf and I are living long distance a lot of the time and although we talk on the phone often and see each other a couple times a month, what simple things can I do to let her know I am thinking of her? 
All girls love flowers, and if they say they don't then they are lying ;)...so unexpected flower deliveries, hand written letters (either mailed or saved up and delivered in person) and just making her feel like she is a priority to you are a few things that I find to be so great at letting you know that you are thought of...
Hope this helps?
Advice for a happy relationship?
Open communication, don't date someone unless you really want something real with them and not because they are the only option at that time. Also, you must make that person a priority in your life, put in the effort,  and don't do anything that you wouldn't want your bf/gf doing... wear the other shoe once in a while.

I suppose I have a few tidbits of advice :)

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