Your pet peeve? Loud eaters, complainers, lying**, lack of motivation and social climbers

Your favourite qualities in a partner? Honest, motivated, confident, fun(ny) & loyal
Your Ideas of Happiness? Healthy, simplicity, experiences and love
Im going to unfollow you. You never respond to questions enough. Rude!!  Well sorry to have pissed you off, I try to do as much as a can and respond to everyone but I have other things going on that make it difficult to post daily.
The change you are looking forward to? When everything falls into place and is ok!
You post a lot of inspiration quotes on your blog. I look forward to reading them,
they always seem to help at the right time. What is your recent Favourite saying/quote?
Thank you!! My favourite one is "The place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning"
I found you on Instagram and tried to add you. Ive been waiting for an acceptance
for a while? Ah ha. You don't want to follow me, unless you want to see a ton of photos of my
nephew ;)

(via LE CONTAINER: Speedbird! dav.)
Anymore Tattoos? I haven't had anymore done since I got my last, but I have been thinking of
another one. We will see..

Train by ~inz-feelgood
Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? Gosling, hands down.

Catching Up
What kind of physical look do you like in a guy? Do I have a shot? lol? Uh..hmm well I do like tight
pants on guys and a more casual look..not so put together. I more so go for what their interests and
hobbies are rather than their looks though. I like to be able to do things with who I am with...have to have
similar interests or we would never have fun together.
Have you been to NYC or London yet?? You posted a while ago how you want to go. Still?? I haven't
been to either yet. School has made travel difficult for me but I am almost done and currently planning a trip with
my friend to go across the pond. I wish I could go to NYC now though! 

Autumn Mantra by Oer-Wout
Where do you get your hair done? You have great hair. :)  At Salon Status in Barrie. Go see Tyler.
Big or Small Family? Big!
You idea of misery? Never being satisfied with what you have.
Were you at the Naked and Famous Concert @the sound academy? My friend thinks she saw you?
Ya I was there..great show, terrible venue. Your friend should have said hi!
How old are you? 28

(by alexbowler)
What are you looking forward to doing this summer? Camping, bike rides, beach days, lazy park days, BBQ's and
You look like Leighton Meester! Has anyone told you that? Ya I have heard it a few times before. More-so 
when the show first came out, not so much now.

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