What purse do you carry? I saw you the other day and loved it! Thanks, its my favourite one...click HERE to get
your own. 

My new healthy living blog!. I’m so excited to share my journey, if you are interested please follow me at peaceloveandpilates
I absolutely LOVE your blog! Don't stop posting, ok? I won't :) Thanks a lot.
What kind of person are you? I have went to school with you for
four years and am intrigued by you, but don't know you. Really??? Give me a hint
who you are? Im just me...
Your very beautiful, in a natural kind of way. No fakeness to you, just all beauty. Thanks so
much <3
Personal question, and please post on your blog as it may help other
girls out. My bf stares at other girls ALOT and it bothers me. What do you think? Well,
its natural to look/glance at other attractive ppl, but within reason.  If your bf is gawking at other girls right in front of you, making you feel uncomfortable, thats not cool. 
Do you want to get married? I have answered this question before. Find iHERE
When are you finished your degree? I am pretty well there, just have to do my final
hospital rotation. I start this summer and will be doing it at a trauma centre...Yikes. Excited but
super nervous.
Favourite sports teams and players? I really only follow the Toronto Blue Jays. I like Thames, Lawrie, Escobar & I am really starting to like Encarnacion. Other players I like are; Brandon League (Seattle Mariners).
CJ Wilson (LA Angels) and Vernon Wells (LA Angels)
I love your posts. They start my day right. : ) Im happy to hear that!
Your current mood? A little nervous, anxious, content,...a bunch of feelings I suppose. Can't
pin-point one.
Karma or Fate? I believe in both.
NYC Photographer Jamie Beck
Any summer plans? Well I have to finish up my school placement but I also want to try to get to NYC for a over -due visit. Thats the plan anyways...I also want to go on a roadie to see the Jays play somewhere. 
Songs that you listen to a lot at the moment? The Last Goodbye-The Kills, To Build a home-The Cinematic Orchestra,
Punching in a Dream-The Naked and Famous

THIS. I have an infinite amount of respect for people, whether I know them well or not, that always say it like it is.

Has a guy ever hurt you? You seem so "guy smart" Of course I have been hurt...I wouldn't say
so much that I am "guy -smart", just kinda guarded when I first meet someone. I can like someone, but don't really
get attached until I learn who they are and what they are about..

No. 15 / Mike McQuade
I can't find you on Facebook. I don't have an easy name to search...
Where do you live? Toronto!
What do you use to style your hair? and what makeup do you use? You always look cute. So nice. Thanks.
I use all the "Say yes to carrots/cucumber line for hair and skin care and I use Pur minerals makeup. I have super sensitive
skin so I find these lines work best for me.
Where do you Snowboard? Are you sponsored? Mount St Louis, Moonstone and No I am not. I never
wanted to be...
Are you a snob? My friend said you never talk to her? Well I don't know who you are or who your bud is, so I
don't know what to say, other than the fact that I can be shy, so maybe thats why I come across as a snob? Also, If I am not fond of someone, I am not one to be fake and pretend to be their friend.
You need to post more photos of yourself! Its been way to long! I know! I have slacked big time. I will start again soon, promise!
Do you have a tumblr account? I thought I found you on their? If not than someone copied you! No, its me.
I started one not to long ago when blogspot started changing stuff..I actually forgot about that account.
I am amazed and appreciate all of the questions I receive daily. Thanks so much. I will answer
more in a little bit. Time to start my day! xo

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