Erin Wasson tattoos
Do you like the Kills b/c of Kate Moss? Nope. I was into them years ago and I am
not a huge Moss fan. I like this girl
How was your weekend? I think I saw you walking around queen?
Ya maybe, I was out & about on Sat. Sunday was an off day, I
locked myself out of my place, and a few other stupid things happened, but

 I was able to spend time with my family. So something good came of it ;)
I read your questionaire. Are you against marriage? Read it again. 
Hey you. You really need pics of yourself on here. You are pretty and I want to see more.
Thank you!
I heart your blog. I visit daily. I heart you!
this is something i’d wear.
If you have broken your arm/surgeries a few times, how come you still snowboard. Seems like
enough reason to quit? Nope, just got to get back on the horse, right?? I love it too much to quit.
My gf is jealous of you. Ok....thats too bad. Jealousy is not fun.. ps..come off anon. Who are you?
Why live in Toronto? Why not? Everything that I love to do is here.
Your 28? You look 20. You take good care of yourself . Im told that I look young often.
It use to bother me but now I like it. Figure it will pay off when I am actually old..I hope ;)
Whose Lennon? John
You nickname is cute! lol, ya my dad will forever call me that. 
Your blog is fun. Im glad your like it. Its a jumble of everything I like
Where did the Rose come from? in my name? (I am assuming?) its a flower, and 
also a version of the movie sleeping beauty. I like it.
Erin Wasson tattoos
How often do you blog? I try to daily but sometimes other things get in the way.
So whenever I have time I guess
I found you on Instagram. Thanks for the acceptance. You have cute pics.  :) :) :)

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