About Moi

Name Bryer C
Zodiac sign Sagittarius 
3 things I love All my loved ones equally, Franks hotsauce and breakfast
4 turn ons Confidence, intelligence, funny and motivated 
4 turn offs cigs, lack of motivation, unsupportive & lack of manners
My best friend(s) Jesse & Hayley
Height/weight/age 5'5, 104, 28
My best first date Tattoo, walk by the water, drinks, ice cream and up until 3:00AM chatting.
Longest relationship Current-4.5 years
Favourite colour I wear a lot of blacks, greys and whites. Neutral I suppose..
Do I have a crush Yup
Marriage? Someday..not yet. Too many ppl rush it. I still have a lot to do for myself and learn about myself before I am ready to marry. I also feel way too young.
Favourite place I have visited? Either Cali (mammoth), Chicago or Whistler. I want to visit NYC & London though
Favourite food Cereal and avocado. Swedish berries too.
Do I use sarcasm A tad. Depends on the situation I am in.
Shy? I can be but Its more-so that I am quite. I am more of a listener and pipe up when I have something to say, although I can be shy when I first start liking a guy...
What am I listening to as you fill this out The Middle is on. This show cracks me up.
First thing I notice in new person Eyebrows, teeth and finger nails.
Shoe size 7.5

Hate? One sided friendships. The kind where the convo solely revolves around the other persons latest drama and they show no interest in what I am doing. I also hate complainers. Change what you don't like rather than complain and do nothing.
Are you a dick or a bitch? Nope. But i am not fake. I don't pretend to be your friend If I am not...So many people tend to do this
 Eye color brown
 Hair color  brown & blond ombre.
Favourite style of clothing on a everyday/casual basis Skinny jeans, t-shirt & wool cardi with keds (or boots) and a beanie
Favourite band(s)The Kills, Tegan and Sara, The Beatles
How I feel right now Content

My relationship with my parents Super Close-love them tons.
Tattoos and piercing One tattoo on my inner upper bicep and ears are pierced
Tattoos and piercing I want Im sure I will get another tattoo at some point but I am done with piercings.
Do I and my last ex hate each other? nope
Why did your last relationship end? grew apart.
Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts? yes
Have I ever kissed the last person you texted? No
Do I live with my Mom and Dad? No
Can Ex's be friends? Of course. If nothing bad happened (Cheating, etc) than I think so. If nothing bad happened, then in time you can be friends and if you can't, well I think there are maybe still feelings there...

Am I excited for anything? Yup. This weekend, To be finished school and finally have money to go on some holidays. Also, I am looking forward to the cup of tea im going to make once I complete this..
Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to? Jesse. Maybe I tell him too much sometimes...
How often do I wear a fake smile? Whenever I am in awkward situations that I do not want to be.
When was the last time I hugged someone? Today when I was saying "see ya" to my parentals. Oh and Jesse when I came home.
What is something I disliked about today? I felt crummy.

If I could meet anyone(s) on this earth, who would it be? Lennon, Mosshart and Gosling.
Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online? mmm I prefer neither but it depends who I am talking to...
Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens? Yes.  No
Do I believe in luck? I think "luck" is really Karma. Works out how its suppose to, based on your actions.
What’s the weather like right now? Too warm for Feb 23.

What was the last book I’ve read? Love the one you're with
Do I have any nicknames? "Monk" (from monkey). I was given this name when I was a kid and my dad still calls me it.
What was the worst injury I’ve ever had? How did you do it? Breaking my wrist snowboarding two years in a row. Surgery both times.
Do I spend money or save it? save for a while then I usually drop a bunch at one time.
What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it? Dragonette  - Hello & Glass Tiger-Don't forget me when Im gone
How can you win my heart? don’t break it
What is my current desktop picture? "don't listen to the voices in your head. Listen to your heart"

How many serious relationships have you had?I have had a few long term ones but only 2 were serious (one being my current)
Like sports? Yes. I snowboard and play baseball a lot.
Am I a vegetarian/vegan? Yes
Been overweight? no
Been underweight? yes
Lived outside my home country/province? yes
What concerts have I been to? way too many to list. Most recent was the Kills. Up next is Naked and Famous (again)
Had a surgery? yes-read above question.

Met someone famous?  yes
Been fishing? Yes-Much of my childhood was spent in a boat with my dad fishing.
Where do I want to live when older? A few different spots but ultimately I want to live in Toronto
Play any musical instrument? I used to play piano but stopped for who knows why. I have a key board that I tinker around with a bit but I don't have much time these days with all my homework. I will get back into it though.
Any scars, how did I get it/them? I have one on my toe because I cut it with an axe. I have a few on my inner and outer wrist from my surgeries and I have one on my hand from my iguana. 

Favourite pizza toping? onion, green olives/peppers and tomatoes. 
Am I afraid of the dark? Only after a scary movie
What I’m really bad at keeping plans. Im a bit of a flake
Last thing I learnt to do Some trick in the halfpipe I have been working on.
The meanest thing somebody has ever said to me mmm can't recall.
What I’d do if I won in a lottery disappear
What do I like about myself I have learnt to not care what people think and my hair ;)
Something I fantasize about My trips I am going to take
Night rituals-Shower, tea, cream head-toe before bed.

Blog crush? HereHere, Here, & Here
Closest Blog buddy? Ifeelsogray
Something amazing? Seeing all the changes in my nephew, each week I visit.
Siblings Older brother and sister. Im the baby.
Why did you fill this out I get so many anon questions, asking random tibits about myself. I figure it was the best way to cover the questions I have been asked but have yet to answer

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