My new years resolution was to start a blog. What advice do you have to be successful? write/post/do
what you want with it, There are no "requirements" to adhere to. Have fun with this. 
My friend refereed me to ur blog and I am so hooked. Its great!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Flying high&#8230;
Do you like the ombre trend still? How do you wear a tunic? I got one for xmas and I dont know how
to wear it.  I also want to color my hair, ombre, but I dont know....I love the ombre look. I love to
learn about new trends but if a trend "dies" and I still like it, I will keep doing it. My hair is still ombre'd
and will be for a while. Tunics look cute under a crew neck sweater
titanic`s propellers
More about you please? hmm, I will do a separate entry for that. Sound good?
Let There Be Neon
How do you dress? like the girls in your blog? post pics? I will! Jesse (boyfriend) gave me a lovely
 camera for Xmas, so now I can do that. I will, soon..
Jamie and Kate on New Years Eve.
Power Couple <3
I think if we met in real life, I would like you. You seem to have great taste in fashion, music and life. :)
What do you do, when you are not blogging? I do a lot of things. Im in nursing school so that consumes
a lot of my time but I also fit in time to just hangout with my family, my boyfriend and my friends. I play
baseball, snowboard, go to concerts, crochet, read, paint, yoga, ...hmmm lots of things. 
Your blog is great. I love the layout/simplicity of it. Keep it up! I enjoy simple :)
Love all ya&#8230;
How many followers do you have? a few ;) 
Merry Christmas. Hope that you had a great one. Merry (belated) Xmas to you too. I had a 
fantastic holiday. Thanks!

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