You got it! I love it. Do you mind if I copy your plane?

What did you do for your bday?
Well, I got my tattoo and then the rest of the day was just spent with my bf walking around and doing a little shopping. He took me out for dinner and when we got to our apartment, all my friends started showing up for a surprise party. It was so much fun.

I check your blog daily. Its great :)
Thank you so much.

You have the best hair! how do you style it?
Thanks a lot. I usually just let it dry naturally and than take a make-shift curling wand to make a few waves.

What are you doing for the holidays?
As soon as I finish my last exam I will be catching up on my xmas shopping then heading out the city for a bit. Ill be staying with my parents. I am craving some time with my family and my friends from back home. I plan on doing nothing except for watching movies, snowboarding, drinking wine, eating and sleeping :)

Are you shy?
Hmm, not shy. But I guess I can be quite. I only speak if I have something to say. I am not one for random conversation because I feel like I should say something... Im comfortable with being quite.

What do you think of those who talk about you behind your back? I am currently having a problem with some of the popular girls at my high school and Its making it hard to go back.
I think everyone who talks about someone behind their back does so because they are jealous. I used to get teased for some of the different things that I would wear. I took it as that these people would wear it too but did not have the guts to do so. You have to try to just let it go and consider the source. In my experience, the popular girls were always the ones in high school that everyone wanted to be, but once you move past high school, these girls stay where they are and they become the ones wanting to be you! Just do your own thing and who cares. There are always going to be people to try to bring you down..screw them.

Will you be getting anymore tats?
not to sure. Right now there is nothing that I want as much as I wanted my plane.

Will you be posting more pics of yourself? or your boyfriend.
Im sure I will at some point. I need to start taking more pics first. 

Ill finish the rest of your questions later on today..I have a psych exam to study for :S

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