Happy Holidays :) Happy Holidays to you too!
Favourite clothing brands? Current/Elliott, JBrand, Wilfred &  Talula
I love your blog. Check out mine? Sure

untitled by parachutgirl on Flickr.
Post more pics of yourself? I plan too but I do not have the best camera @ the
moment :S
Great Blog. Check mine out and let me know what you think?

Be Kind… cunt
Do any of the blogs that you follow, follow you? Yup, a few of them. Thats
how I found some of the blogs that I follow
You nice? mean? a snob? loud? quite? I think that if I met
you, I would like you. Your pictures make it seem as though
we have a lot in common. : )

New York Model by Randy Hage on Flickr.

Fucking awesome.
Beautiful pictures. I usually pin half of your blog on Pinterest!
Pin away. I love Pinterest.
Do you answer all of your followers Q's? I do but it may take
a while before I can get to them all. I was so busy with school this
semester that I am behind with answering. I will
answer each and every question though ;)
Why do you post so many pics of NYC? Because this is a city I am aching to visit.
Is Bryer your real name? if so, its so pretty! It is and thank you!
Haha aww Kevin. You kill me. 
I wish it would snow more. 12/19/11 and my front lawn is green.
People, Please recycle. Ride your bike when you can. Don't smoke. Dont litter. Dont
use heat as often & Don't buy bottle water.  Doing so all contribute to global warming!

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