Long or short hair?
On me? Longer.

Tattoos or fresh skin for guys you like?
Both... but it also depends on the tattoo(s) and placement. Some can look ridiculous

Clinique or Clarins?
Neither. I use "Say Yes to Carrots". Its bpa free and is not tested on animals.

Fake and Bake or natural?
NOOO fake and bake. I wear sunscreen constantly and although some ppl say that I am too pale, I'll embrace it now and laugh later when these ppl are wrinkled up and I am not :)

Fashion Faux Pas?
I do not think there are any "fashion faux pas". The way I see it is if you want to wear something, although the recent edition of vogue says its out of date, who cares. Wear it. Wear what you like/want regardless of what a magazine says, or anyone else for
that matter.

Please do not stop blogging. You would upset a girl from Russia. :)
I won't. Its a fun thing to do and I don't want to upset Russia :)

Greetings from Germany. I really like your blog. 
Thank you. I like you

20+ 15-9+2 = on Nov 26.

Do you ever get hate emails? There are so many haters out there.
A few petty stuff. It does not bother me though. I expect it. You can't please everyone.

You are pretty.

Who inspires your fashion choices?
Alison Mosshart and Alexa Chung.

Heels, sneakers or an Ugg kind of girl?
I only wear heels if I go to a function (my toes can not seem to get used to them). On a daily basis, I alternate between my go-to's: Keds, cons, Dr. Martens and my Fryes.

How do you wear your hair?
A bun, a messy braid (or two) or down and messy/wavy. I don't fuss with my hair to much.

Under your music section, you have posted videos by the brothers from Oasis. Who do you like better?
Hmm..thats a hard one. I have both albums by Noel and Liam Gallagher, but I would say I listen to Noel more. I love his voice and style. When they were Oasis, I liked Noel.

The kills or Dead Weather.
Although Jack White is sweet, Im all for The Kills. I love watching Allison and Jamie perform. 

Why do you post the same thing over and over?
I dont. One day Ill post on Paris, the next is NYC. One day Ill post a blond, the next I post a brunette.   

Your blog bores me. Unfollow.
Thats fine. To each is their own.

What your top 5 websites.
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. CP24 news
4. Any of the blogs I have under "Dailies"
5. Thought Catalogue 

You have posted photos from Instagram, but I can't find you. Do you even exist?
You do not want to follow me on that thing. All my photos are of my nephew. Very boring for you;)

Favourite Bands?
The Beatles and the Kills are my absolute go-to's. Currently Im listening to Naked and Famous, High Flying Birds, Band of Horses and Foster the People

What do you eat as a Vegetarian? Do you not starve?
Nope, I eat many delicious things. Lots of tofu, legumes, beans, seeds, and fruits and veggies.

Thanks for the questions. Keep them coming xo

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