Answer part 2

I really like your blog and I check it daily. Why do you go for days posting, and then a week or so without?
Thanks! I post as much as I can. Im in university so sometimes, when I am busy with work, its hard to post daily but I do whenever I have some free time.

I am from Toronto and I have seen you cruising around a few times. You are very naturally pretty and well dressed (not in a too done up kind of way). Where do you get your hair done and where do you shop?
Thanks so much. I get my hair done by Tyler who works at Salon Status up in Barrie. I have tried a few salons in Toronto but Tyler always does such an amazing job with my hair that I just keep going back to him. When I shop, I mainly get everything that I need at Aritzia.

What kind of boots are you wearing in the photo of yourself in a later post. They are pretty cool. Where can I get a pair? 
They are Fryes, the Engineer 8r boot. I purchased them at Get Outside in Toronto and they are the best boots that I have owned. They are so comfortable and the more worn in they become, the better they look

You are from Toronto, but you are always posting about your desire to come to London or go to New York. I have been to Toronto a few times and I loved it. Why do you want to leave so bad?
I dont want to leave forever. I love Toronto, but I just want to do some more travelling and see other places. London and NYC have always been the two places that I have wanted to go. As much as I want to go there, it does not mean that I dislike Toronto. I do. I just want to see more.

What are you beauty regimes?
Its pretty simple actually. I wash my face twice a day. I never never go to bed without washing my face. I use the "Say Yes to Carrots" line for cleanser and creams. I do not wear a lot of make up. Just some concealer, powder, cream blush and mascara. My hair is pretty simple too. I usually wear it in a braid, bun or let it loose if I diffuse it first. Im simple and do not like to fuss to much.

You shop at Aritizia. It can be so pricey though. How can you shop there mainly?
I do not shop alot. I would rather buy a pricey, well made item that will last longer than a item that cost less and was cheaply made and will fall apart. I have a pair of jeans that I spent a lot on, but 4 years later I am still wearing them. So its worth it to me.

What do you think of colour denim?
Its fun and I like it, but I prefer to wear regular denim.

Where do you find the images on your blog?
I just find them on other blogs and websites. Some pictures are my own too. I just collect whatever I like.

Do you have any crushes?
Yep. For guys ----> My boyfriend, Ryan Gosling and Jon Kooley. 
Girls---> Allison Mosshart, Alexa Chung and Sara Quinn

Colour tips or french manicure?
Coloured. French looks pretty but I can't stand when it starts to chip so I stick to full colour. Its not so noticeable when it chips.

How do you style your hair? How do you get your waves?
My hair is naturally wavy so I diffuse it to cut down on frizz. I also wear it in a high bun right after I blow dry to creates some waves also. 

Thanks for the questions!! If you have anymore, don't be afraid to ask :)

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