Welcome to Fall

Its beginning to feel more like fall each day. The end of the summer always makes me feel pretty bummed. I always feel a sense of sadness when the days begin to be shorter, all the unpicked vegetables in the garden go brown and leaves begin to collect in the pool, turning the water green and murky. But as sad as I feel, on the other hand, fall makes me excited because I love to wear big, comfy sweaters, 
scarves and boots. I came across this video for Aritzia's fall collection and couldn't be more excited to make my fall wish list. These beautiful pieces by Wilfred and Talula will help with the transition from hot summer days to cool, breezy nights. Click the link ---->  Welcome to Fall, and start making your wishlist!

Ps. Good News!!! For any of you who do not have any Aritzia stores near you, keep checking out their website. Online shopping will be available soon.

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