Sorry I have be MIA for the past few days. My boyfriend and I took a roadtrip to Cincinnati to catch a couple Blue Jays games (for anyone who knows me, they know my love for baseball and the Jays ). We left Toronto around 7:00AM and after endless games of eyespy, 21 questions and numerous pit stops for Dunkin Donuts (my obsession and since we do not have these shops in Canada, I have to get my fill whenever I am in the states) we arrived just in time to catch the first pitch at 7:10PM. This trip was amazing! I was able to meet two of the Jays players, toured around Cincinnati a bit and had a lovely, much needed holiday with my boyfriend.  

A few things that I noticed while being in Cincinnati is that it is absolutely impossible to find any type of meal that is not meat based, making it extremely difficult for us to eat since we are both vegetarians, therefore we lived off of Subway the entire trip and now I NEVER want to step foot into a subway again! (give me 3 days and Ill be back lol). Also, a common fashion staple here is socks and sandals. I am not talking about the cute, peep toe heels and sock combo that is pretty popular right now, I am talking about regular sport1like sandals with plain jane socks. In Canada, this is a mega fashion faux pas...but too each their own right? I also noticed that the division between the rich and the poor is so very obvious. Its really quite sad actually. The saddest thing is that as I am reflecting on this I am thinking back to all my trips to the states and now that I think about this, this division is very obvious across the USA.

Anyways! That is my little update/rant about where I have been these past few days.
I will post again soon. Thanks for reading :)

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