This spring, we were all introduced to feather hair extensions. This trend took off like wildfire and can be spotted all over  celebrity land. These extensions offer a laid back bohemian vibe, but unfortunately, not with a laid back price. Finding out that my hair salon charges $30.00 CA per hair extension, I went on the search for a way to get this look, minus breaking my poor student bank account.
           I came across this "how-to" and was amazed at how easy the extensions were to create for $2 bucks/extension and 20 minutes of my time. I came across the feathers on Ebay and Esty but I was to impatient to wait for them to be shipped to me so I just went to the closest "Bass Pro Mills'' and picked up some fly fishing feathers. 

Go get yourself some materials and give this a try!

Materials for Feather Hair Extensions

Materials Needed:
  • Saddle feathers, in any color or quantity you wish
  • Crimp bead, a.k.a. hair extension links
  • Bobby pin or thin, bent wire, opened like a “V”
  • Comb
  • Clip
  • Mirror

STEP 1:  Finding your spot.  Gather up your feathers and play around with where you want to place it.  Try putting it under layers to hide the bead and decide on what you like.
Feather Hair Extensions
STEP 2:  Part hair where you want the extension, comb it back and secure with a clip
Feather Hair Extensions
STEP 3:  Thread the hair.  In the area where you want the extension, separate a small section of hair where the bead will crimp on.  Using the thin wire or bobby pin, place the section of hair in the “V,” close the end, and thread the ends of the wire through the bead crimp.

Feather Hair Extensions
STEP 4:  Use the bobby pin or wire to pull the hair through the crimp bead.
Feather Hair Extensions

STEP 5:  Stick the feathers in the bead.  Make sure to leave a little extra feather on the other end of the bead.
Feather Hair Extensions

STEP 6:  Clamp the crimp bead down with the pliers.  Make sure it is as flat as possible and that the feathers are secured in the bead.
Feather Hair Extensions

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